Property repair information

Winchester Housing Trust provides a high standard of accommodation and prides itself in keeping the properties and surrounding area in good condition. It is imperative the tenants work with us to achieve this goal and we urge you to keep your property clean, free from rubbish and report any issues that need our attention. Please keep the outside of your property free from clutter and ensure that any rubbish that is not removed by the council is disposed of in a timely manner. Please be considerate to your neighbours and help us to ensure our developments remain an inviting place to live.

As tenants you are responsible for carrying out minor repairs of the sort normally undertaken by an occupier of premises. These include:

  • clearing blockages to pipes
  • replacing tap washers
  • replacing electrical bulbs and fuses
  • replacing toilet seats
  • replacing plugs on appliances
  • replacing sink and bathtub plugs
  • smoke alarms
  • property Interior
  • property damage
  • damage to common areas

The Trust will keep in good repair the structure of the Premises. This includes:

  • drains, gutters and external pipes (not clearing blockages)
  • the roof
  • outside walls, outside doors, window sills and catches, sash cords and window frames
    (including external painting and decoration)
  • internal walls, floors, ceilings, skirting boards, doors and door frames (not including painting or decoration)
  • chimneys, chimney stacks and flues (not including sweeping)
  • pathways, steps or others means of access to the Premises (not including sweeping or clearing of snow, ice or moss)
  • plasterwork
  • boundary walls and fences
  • space heating, sanitation, the supply of water, gas and electricity
  • basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems and waste pipes
  • electric wiring including sockets and switches
  • gas pipes and water pipes
  • water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fire and central heating installations.
  • common areas under its control in repair and usable. They include:
  • shared hallways and stairways
  • shared green space
  • shared rubbish storage areas.