Affordable housing in Bracknell City Centre

Eagle House is now fully let.

We are pleased to announce that we have  41 units of “Rent to Buy” accommodation through our Rentplus partnership in Eagle House in the centre of Bracknell. The units are right in the heart of the retail and entertainment sector close to shops, cinemas and restaurants and just a short walk from the train station with links to Reading and London.  WHT are responsible for repairs to the property as set out in your tenancy agreement whilst you are renting. The rents are set at 80% of the local market rate which is deemed as “Affordable Rent”, and this figure has been agreed by the council. The properties do not come with parking but we have negotiated a season ticket pass with the local NCP car park which you can purchase.


The rent for the One Bed is £760 and the two bed is £920. This is not negotiable as the rent represents 80% of the equivalent of private rental rates in the area. The minimum rental period is for 5 years but this can be extended to a maximum of 20 years if you are not ready to buy in 5 years time. Residents will need to demonstrate that they are aspirant home owners, and look to save money each month towards their purchase which will compliment the 10% deposit which Rentplus will give you at the end of your tenancy. You will be offered the first chance to buy after 5 years.


Take a look at a video walkthrough