What Our Clients Say

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Matthew Chapman is a police officer and his wife works within the NHS, his family live in East Stratton. Mathew and Michelle purchased a shared ownership property from the new development in Micheldever, specifically for individuals with a location connection. They said “we are delighted to be part of the development and feel that this has allowed us to get our feet on the property ladder and keep us close to family in the parish of Micheldever”. Shortly after moving into a shared ownership property in March 2014 Mathew and Michelle were married in the local church and are looking forward to bringing their future family up in the village.
Matthew Chapman
“Joining the shared equity scheme offered by the WHT has been such an enormous help in enabling me to get a foothold the housing market.
Before I applied to the trust I was living in a difficult situation; renting a one bedroomed flat and having my two children to stay with me half the week. I hadn’t imagined there would be a possibility of me getting any kind mortgage, let alone; on a lovely two bedroomed house, close to the centre of Winchester. The Winchester Housing Trust, through their helpful and compassionate approach, have given me such an amazing opportunity to progress my life. Thank you!
Ross Lovett
Thank you Winchester Housing Trust! Thanks to you we have been able to buy a home in Winchester, something that we would never have been able to do without you!
Leanne was helpful and positive from the very first contact and certainly made the process go as smoothly as possible and the deal the Trust offers is easily the fairest means to obtain an affordable home that we have seen.
Our house is lovely and in a great location, what a great decision to try for this home with WHT, we would recommend them to anyone.
Chris Williams and Dunia Garcia-Ontiveros
David Laishley has a long standing connection with Micheldever and he is delighted to be moving to his own home in the village of his choice. Without this scheme the cost of housing would force him to live outside of the Parish. David’s LC lived in Micheldever for 93 years of her life.

Testimonial from David Laishley :-

I am delighted that I have had the opportunity to move back into a village in which I grew up and for nothing other than financial issues was forced to move away. There have been a lot of positive and negative comments throughout this whole development, and various feelings, where some local residents supported it and others didn’t.

I personally would not have had the opportunity without the involvement of Winchester Housing Trust. The first development of Dever Close offered many of my friends, a chance to live in a lovely community to either grow up themselves or bring their children up in. Due to the area it restricted the number of properties ever to become available, for people like myself on the waiting list and in likelihood would have continued to be a dream if it wasn’t for the recent Baron development.

I personally would like to thank Leanne and her team for all the help, support and efforts in getting me this home. I just can’t wait to get the keys.

David Laishley
I want to extend our thanks to Leanne Smith and the team at Winchester Housing Trust. When we first bought our property in conjunction with the Trust almost 10 years ago it seemed like a dream come true. The scheme they operate is fantastic. It allows first time buyers the opportunity to own a significant chunk of a property without extra costs such as rent, and the way things are run mean you always feel as if your home is 100% yours. When the time finally came to move on from our much loved house in the heart of Winchester (four people and two bedrooms became a bit too cozy) Leanne went out of her way to smooth the process, often answering calls and chasing solicitors for us – even when she was supposed to be on leave. The breadth and depth of experience the whole team were able to offer was invaluable and the warm, personal way they dealt with us really made a difference. I am confident any other first time house buyers will be delighted if they have an opportunity to purchase a house through Winchester Housing Trust and I want to extend everyone there my thanks again for everything they’ve done for us over the past ten years
Emma Dennis, Wales Street